Long Branch Company, Inc.
It’s 2017, Ed Todd, has been fabricating boiler components much of his adult life. Raised in West Point, he started Long Branch in 1979.  In 2009, he became partners with Linda Pilley who spent the majority of her professional life in the manufacturing and management sector.  Together, they restructured Long Branch to a woman-owned, small steel manufacturing business seeking to diversify its product line.  For the two of them, partnering with BattleBells brought an opportunity to a business looking for something new.

When Long Branch first met in 2012 with the Battlebell boys, Howell and Caples, Pilley says she was impressed with their understanding of the targeted market.  “Initially, there was that learning curve for both the veterans and the young guns, high tech marketing for us and manufacturing for them, but the energy they brought to the table was invigorating.” They really pulled a presentation together with all the visuals to go with it. Their understanding of the market they were talking about was of high interest to us.”  She saw it would help diversify LBC’s business—but Todd was apprehensive. Boiler parts were what he knew. “Bells? What are you talking about, get outta here,” he says chuckling, recalling the initial idea. “But I’ve sure had to eat crow. What has happened, has been a total shock.” 


From 2013-2016, working exclusively for three years, Long Branch manufactured and Battlebells built a distribution network in the regional market for our classic stainless steel bell.  Now in 2017 Battlebells’ business plan has moved them to another manufacturer, and Long Branch established ETBellUSA.com with an expanded product line of cowbells for on-going distribution.